Michael Tröster

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Michael Tröster
You listen to: Largo grandioso / "10 Etüden für Gitarre Solo" von Michael Tröster

Michael Tröster ...


"Echo-Klassik" Award

New York - Tokio – Toronto - Seoul – Mexico - London - Paris - München - Zürich - St. Petersburg - Berlin -

just giving a sample of his concert places ...

Whether in the Philharmonie Berlin, in the New York Carnegie-Hall or at an open air concert in the desert a few kilometers away from Dubai, the artist knows how to sweep along and fascinate his audiance. His discography comprises more than 50 CDs and LPS with solo albums, solo concerts with orchestra and chamber music with various instrumentations.

In 1997 he was “instrumentalist of the year” an won the
“ECHO-KLASSIK” Award and in 1998 his CD “Decameron negro” got the French CD-prize “DIAPASON D`OR.

prize winner

„Michael Tröster is at present the most interesting German guitarist. One whose technique is completely effortless, bringing out the best tones and colours ..."

Fono Forum December 1996